Best Educational YouTube Channels for Learning

Educational YouTube Channels Dec 13, 2020

These educational YouTube channels that have a variety of content like science, tech, economics, arts, and so on. These channels can be a great resource for folks who enjoy learning things on just about anything.


CrashCourse has high-quality educational animated videos on a variety of topics, including chemistry, literature, history, biology, philosophy, and environment.


TED is undoubtedly one of the best sources for educational information. With quality animations, TED-Ed is a fun way to learn more about all the great things.

Khan Academy

It's a Bill Gates funded non-profit organization with easy-to-understand videos on almost every academic subject.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers videos on developing professional skills, taught by experts in the domain. It can be a great resource for your career.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt means in a nutshell. The YouTube channel has some of the best animated explainer videos that can make boring topics look beautiful.


CuriosityStream has 1000s of documentary style videos on science, history, technology, nature, health and more.

Beautiful Science

Learn about science, wellness, sustainability, and a few other topics on Beautiful Science YouTube channel.


ColdFusion posts basic but detailed videos on topics like history, business, technology, and many more.


Freethink mostly posts short videos on science & tech. It also posts videos on politics, policy, and economy among other topics.

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