Best YouTube Channels for Learning Economics

Educational YouTube Channels Dec 20, 2020

Explore some of the best YouTube channels for economics. The list includes channels that educates laymen and undergrads.


London School of Economics (LSE) is the world’s top university for economics and economic research. You can find some in-depth research and talks on this channel.

The Economist

The Economist is one of the best publications in the world about economics, politics, policy, and trade among a few other things. Watch their analysis on the latest events around the world.

Jacob Clifford

Jacob is a high school teacher who makes basic econ videos for the layman.


Jodie Beggs is an economics professor who makes videos on introductory macro and micro economics. Her channel hasn't been posting for a few years now.

Economics Explained

Economics Explained makes econ videos for laymen. The channel covers basic macroeconomics, global trade, and markets among other topics.

Jason Welker

Jason creates simple videos for econ students. He covers macro, micro, and international trade.

One Minute Economics

As the name suggests, One Minute Economics posts bite-sized videos on economics. This channel also covers topics like cryptocurrency.


Economicsfun has some easy-to-understand videos for econ students. The channel hasn't been posting for a few years.

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