9 Learning Resources Made Free During Corona Lockdown!

Learning Apr 05, 2020

We’re all here in the middle of a global pandemic. Many of us are spending a lot of time at home.

So if you’re looking to read more, build new skills, or get more creative, resources in this article can help you.

I’ve listed three sections for reading, programming, and creativity. They mention resources that are available free for a limited time.

So hope you use this time wisely to learn something new and sharpen your skills.

For Readers


Blinkist is a mobile app with thousands of non-fiction books. The books also have a high-quality audio version.

This app usually gives a free abridged book called Blink every day. The price for a premium subscription to access all Blinks without restrictions is around USD 5 per month.

Blinkist has now made all abridged ebooks free for till April 30, 2020.

I’ve used Blinkist for about two years now and completed 187 books. So, I’d personally recommend trying out this app.

National Emergency Library

The National Emergency Library was launched by the Internet Archive. It's a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, and so on.

You can borrow any book free for 14 days. If the borrowing period expires, you can borrow again. Read their announcement for more information.

Note that I'm not entirely sure whether this library is legal. In case you want to find out, read this article by Verge to get more clarity.

Kindle Unlimited (US)

Kindle Unlimited is offering a 2-month free trial for newly registered users.

You can get this offer before 11:59 p.m. (PST), June 30, 2020. Note that a credit card is required. But you can cancel anytime.

For IT Professionals


Pluralsight has a vast, quality collection of courses to build technical and professional skills. It is quite popular with software engineers, data scientists, and IT security professionals. The price for accessing the courses starts from USD 19 per month for individual users.

Pluralsight has made 7000+ courses free for April 2020. Note that I’ve tested this offer only for an individual user account.

Execute Program

Similar to Pluralsight, Execute Program provides technical courses. But there are only five courses on Execute Program.

The difference is, Execute Program focuses a lot on re-learning through repetition. They also offer course access for USD 19 per month for individual users.

Execute Program courses are free for April 2020. You can access 16 free lessons at once. And then one lesson per day after those lessons are completed.


Packt is one of the largest book publishers for IT professionals. They also have videos and free learning courses.

Here’s a list of free technical courses (textual) that are made accessible for a year from buying the course. You need to apply the coupon code PACKTFREE during the checkout.

For The Creatives


Domestika is a community for creative learning. It has a collection of paid courses authored by professionals. You can learn topics like illustrations, photography, graphic design, and so on. A course usually costs around USD 10 or above.

Domestika has made a few courses free. Check them out here.


Similar to Domestika, Skillshare is a community for creative learning. It also offers paid courses on topics like creative writing, UI/UX design, music, and so on.

SkillShare is offering free courses in four different ways:

  • If you’re a student who has .edu or .k12 email address, you can get a 2-month free premium membership.
  • Teachers can reach out to them for grant access.
  • New members now get 2 months of free trial (credit card required).
  • Existing or new members in need can reach out to them for a 2-month free membership.

Read this blog article by SkillShare to learn more.

Nikon School Online

Nikon is a well-known brand for photography tools like cameras and lenses. They offer paid courses on Nikon School Online.

Nikon has made 10 courses free for April 2020.


Bipin VK

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