Best Pocket Instapaper Alternatives You Must Try in 2021

Productivity Apps Dec 02, 2020

While Pocket and Instapaper are popular read-it-later apps, they may not suit your needs. So, here are a few Pocket and Instapaper alternatives:

Savay App

Savay app is the best alternative to Pocket and Instapaper for people looking for more than casual reading. This app is purpose-built to give a better learning experience. While Pocket and Instapaper have better features for reading, you may find that all your learning is going into the void. Savay can help in retrieving things that are important to you.


  • Automated tags so that you don’t need to manually tag saved links
  • You can take notes while reading articles and watching videos


  • No text-to-speech
  • Application is not available on iOS and Web yet

Raindrop has the best web design among all the read-it-later apps we reviewed. If sponsored content and ads bother you, you’ll appreciate's no-ads policy. While this app is quite similar to Pocket and Instapaper, it has better features to manage bookmarks.


  • Nested folders for collection of bookmarks (Paid feature)
  • Upload files like PDFs, images, and videos


  • No text-to-speech
  • No highlighting


PaperSpan has all the popular features like text-to-speech and highlights that are available on Instapaper and Pocket. You can consider it as an alternative if the design looks better to you.


  • Unlimited highlights
  • Note-taking from content


  • No tagging system
  • Managing bookmarks can be difficult


If you’re a software developer, Wallabag could be the an alternative read-it-later app. It is open source and can be self-hosted. So you have a lot of flexibility in tweaking the application to suit your needs.


  • Open-source
  • RSS subscription


  • Offers only free-trial for managed version
  • The UI doesn’t look appealing


Memex is another open source alternative to Pocket and Instapaper. It is focused towards research. So allows you to annotate and save short notes on things that can be useful to your research.


  • Simple highlighting and note-taking
  • Works without an account


  • No features for simplified reading
  • There are no folders so organizing things is a bit difficult


Like Memex, Diigo is focused on research on the web. It has bookmarking, notes, and annotation. You can also upload PDFs and images. And connect your Kindle with this app to import highlights and notes.


  • Offers markdown for notes
  • Advance search options


  • Mobile app lacks features
  • No markdown for outliner notes

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Bipin VK

Bipin is the co-founder of Savay app. He's passionate about building products that help people in learning, skill development, and productivity.